Nguyên liệu đang phát triển

STTNguyên liệu Tiêu chuẩn Hồ sơ
1 Aluminium Hydroxide Drie USP GMP/ISO
2 Ambroxol HCl EP GMP/DMF
3 Aprepitant USP GMP/US DMF
4 Arachidonic acid oil 40% In-House ISO
5 Aripiprazole USP GMP/EU DMF
6 Atenolol BP/USP GMP
7 Azilsartan In-House GMP/DMF
8 Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate
9 Bupropion USP GMP
10 Butaphosphan (Butafosfan) In-House ISO
11 Candesartan Cilexetil USP GMP/DMF
12 Cefaclor USP GMP
13 Cefixime USP GMP
14 Cefmetazole Sodium JP GMP/DMF
15 Cefotiam HCl and
sodium carbonate
In-House GMP/DMF
16 Celecoxib GMP
17 Clozapine EP GMP
18 Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride In-House GMP
19 Dapagliflozine USP GMP/DMF
20 Deferasirox In-House GMP/DMF
21 Deferipron In-House GMP/DMF
22 Docusate sodium USP WC/DMF
23 Duloxetine Hydrochloride USP/EP GMP
24 Dutasteride USP GMP/DMF
25 Empagliflozin USP GMP/DMF
26 Emtricibatine In-House DML
27 Famciclovir USP GMP/DMF
28 Fluvoxamine Maleate EP/USP GMP/DMF
29 Fusidic Acid EP/In-House GMP/DMF
30 Ganciclovir USP GMP/DMF
31 Gabapentin GMP
32 Ibuprofen BP/EP GMP/US DMF
33 Indapamide EP GMP/DMF
34 Ivabradine Hydrochlorid In-House GMP/DMF
35 Lacosamide EP GMP/DMF
36 Lamotrigine EP GMP
37 Linagliptin IH GMP/US DMF
38 Levosulpirid In-House GMP
39 Levothyroxine Sodium BP GMP/DMF
40 Losartan EP/USP GMP/DMF
41 Minoxidil USP GMP/DMF
42 Mirtazapine (Anhydrous) USP GMP/DMF
43 Mometasone Furoate USP/In-house GMP/DMF
44 Moxifloxacin HCl BP/USP/EP GMP/WC/DMF
45 Mupirocin USP GMP/DMF
46 Nebivolol HCl In-House GMP/ODMF
47 Nizatidine USP GMP/US DMF
48 Olanzapin EP GMP/DMF
49 Olmesartan Medoxomil GMP
50 Ornidazole In-House GMP/DMF
51 Paroxetine HCl Hemihydrat USP GMP/EU DMF
52 Pefloxacin Mesylate dihydr EP/EP/In-House GMP/DMF
53 Pentoxifylline USP/In-House GMP/DMF
54 Pentoxifyllin    
55 Perindopril Arginine In-House GMP/DMF
56 Perindopril Terbutylamin EP GMP/DMF
57 Potassium Aspartate In-House GMP
58 Prasugrel HCl USP GMP/US DMF
59 Pravastatin Sodium EP9/EP10 GMP/DMF
60 Pregabalin USP GMP/DMF
61 Quetiapine Fumurate USP GMP
62 Ramipril USP WC/DMF
63 Repaglinid EP GMP/DMF
64 Rifaximin EP GMP/DMF
65 Rivaroxaban In-House GMP/DMF
66 Rosuvastatin Calcium EP/USP GMP
67 Secnidazole In-HouseGMP/DMF
69 Sitagliptin Phosphate Monohydrate EP/USP GMP/DMF
70 Sodium Fusidate GMP/DMF
71 Sofosbuvir In-house GMP/DMF
72 Tadalafil EP/USP GMP/DMF
73 Tenofovir Alafenamide In-HouseGMP/DMF
74 Terbulatine Sulphate EP GMP/ODMF
75 Ticagrelor In-HouseGMP/DMF
76 Ticlopidine Hydrochloride EP/JP GMP
77 Valacyclovir HCl USP/In-house GMP/WC/DMF
78 Valsartan USP GMP/DMF
79 Velpatasvir In-House GMP/DMF
80 Venlafaxin HCl USP GMP/DMF
82 Vildagliptin In-HouseGMP/DMF
83 Voriconazole USP GMP/DMF
84 Ziprasidon USP GMP/DMF

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