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The establishment in 2017 marked the beginning of C-Pharmachem Vietnam in Veterinary and PetCare. Five years of development have facilitated the PetCare department to bring various high-quality products from top global brands to the Vietnamese market including:

  • United States: Tropiclean and Urine Off – famous pet care brands from the US.

  • Germany: GIMBORN – treats and Multi-vitamin pastes for Cats & Dogs.

  • Italy: Simba, GEMON, VETSOLUTION – well-known pet food brands.

With a methodical investment and profession, the PetCare C-Pharmachem product distribution system has been expanding and evolving over time.


Tropicleans – Top US Pet Care Brand

Tropiclean belongs to COSMOS Corporation based in the US. As a long-standing brand with nearly 30 years of history and present in over 65 countries, Tropiclean has obtained many quality certifications such as GMP, FDA, and NASC, awards voted by leading US magazines including ST. Louis Business Journal, and Pet Age.


GIMBORN-Cats. Dogs. Love.

The pet treats and multi-vitamin pastes brand comes from Germany with a long history of more than 50 years and has been present in over 40 countries around the world.


Simba – Italian Standard, Vietnamese Price

Simba is a Pet food brand belonging to the Italian Monge Group with more than 50 years of experience. The brand aims to bring high-quality products at a reasonable price.


Monge – The Largest Italian Pet Food Producing Company

Monge Group has over 55 years of experience in producing wet pet food and owns the most advanced European pet dry food system.


GEMON – High Premium Quality Dry Pet Food

Gemon High Premium Quality fulfills the nutritional needs of various sizes, weights, lifestyles, and ages of pets. Products are formulated with superior elements, and a high percentage of fresh meat, which assists to minimize the deficiency of important nutrients and provides essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen their health and well-being.


Urine Off - The leading solution for removing odors and stains in the US

Urine Off is the only pet urine stain and odor recommended product in the US to receive approval from the Carpet Institute (CRI), the US Carpet Regulatory Authority, which contains 74% USDA-certified bioactive ingredients that are safe for humans and pets. Its products are known for effectively removing odors and stains on all materials and surfaces: carpets, mattresses, sofas, clothes, and floors.


CPC PETCARE CENTER -Vet Clinic, Grooming & Hotel

Established in 2018, CPC Petcare Center has an ambition and passion for pet care - an industry that is not new but is still gradually developing in modern society. We aim to provide professional, dedicated care and treatment for our four-legged friends. To implement this ambition, from a small business scale, CPC Petcare Center has always been constantly improving and developing the quality and quantity of services to serve the best to your pets. CPC Petcare Center consists of 4 divisions: Pet shop, Grooming salon, Hotel and Veterinary clinic. The shop area is a place which provides a full range of necessities - food, treats, shampoos, toys, accessories for pets whenever the owners need for shopping. Moving to the salon, your pets will be cared for from head to toes, from bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning to appearance changing through professional hair design. In addition, CPC Petcare Center also creates a pet-friendly hotel environment, divided into 2 separate areas for dogs and cats; and we always ensure a close diet like at home so that your pets are kept in a good condition, helping the owners feel more secure when sending their babies. Finally, a veterinary clinic is equipped with modern machines and a team of highly specialized veterinarians, in order to carry out qualified medical examinations and treatment for your pets. We always hope to bring the best service experience to our small friends and the owners for having trust in CPC Petcare Center.


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